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Our newest item is the #252 Viking Training Sword. You can check out a video in our blog on the sword here. We have had this piece in the works for quite a while and have gone through quite a bit of research and use in training to get the sword to replicate the feel and use of a sharp with the safety of a rebated edge.

[ Linked Image ]

You can also check out Dimicator's post on these pieces as well here
Is this model durable enough to survive the rigors of stage combat with its customary edge on edge choreography?
Edge Geometry
Hi Roger

I probably would suggest doing a slightly edge heavy version of this sword for use in standard stage combat. Back in the day (80's) when we did stage combat most pieces where rebatted sharps. Just the edge knocked off and maybe a bit heavier blade. I would equate this sword to those as about the same. But stage swords evolved into heavier pieces that could take a lot of abuse as stage combat pieces are often called into use with a large variation in user skill and knowledge. The heavy long swords from American Fencing Supply or Rod Casteel come to mind as swords that could take quite a bit of pounding :-)

That being said I would not hesitate to choreograph a fight using historical forms and combatants I had confidence in with these swords. A fight crafted with the appropriate stage combat techniques for safety would work well and look quite good with these swords. But that's the way I try to choreograph most things. I would just not want to turn some new actor combatants loose with them unsupervised. They were not designed to take heavy repeated X patterns :-)


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