Help identify 19th century sabre

Can anyone help me in identifying this (in my opinion unusual) M 1861 sabre.


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To me, that doesn't look like a 1861 sabre but a British 18th century or early 19th century sabre. However I'm a bit hazy on my details of British swords. Where did you buy this sword from? And what are the markings on the blade?
Any images of the blade or any markings? What is the handle material?
Definitely not British, or at least not any "native" British style

What's the mark on the blade say? Usually a brass B guard is Bavarian, infantry I believe, but this guard is lacking some of the details I would expect to see on any original sabre of this style, like the rolled quillon. Is there any etching on the blade?

I have seen reference to Austrian police sabres having brass hilts. But I would hesitate before definitely calling it one or the other.
The mark on the blade is Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co Solingen.

I agree that the rolled quillon is missing. That is why I placed this question on the forum.

I am almost sure, that this is an Austrian sabre, but not military. Police/gendarmerie maybe.

Yeah, here is a photo of the brass hilted police sword. Seems to match up.

Do you plan on restoring the piece?
Thank you all for the answers. And the photo.
Still, there is a rolled quillon missing.

Most likely for Austria and likely either an m1961 infantry or m1907 but you don't show the entire sword, nor mention dimension. The WKC puts it after the early 1880s. Does it bear both the crowned king and knight's bust or just the knights bust.? The quillon may have been trimmed.

The markings on the blade are not visible well.
There is also a sign Feller (Fehler?) et Co Wien.
There is a crown and something next to the crown. So I am guessing, that there are both crowned king and knight's bust.

The blade's length is 75 cm.

Thanks for your help.


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