Alarm bells going off. The design and tooled lines are very obviously to make it resemble a Roman lorica segmentata. Which of course was always described by early modern historians as "leather".

Every detail from Trajan's Column and other later Roman artwork is there: The horizontal lines to delineate the bands; the rounded ends of the bands; the "button" fasteners; the graduated, rounded ends of the "bands" on the shoulder flaps; the row of rounded flaps at the waist.

Either the maker/owner of this "armor" was SERIOUSLY into his neo-Classicism, or it's a costume piece. Or a deliberate attempt at fake "Roman armor".

IF there is documentation for soldiers the 18th century actually wearing such things (call me skeptical), then okay, *maybe*, but otherwise...

Leather armour was a LOT thicker than the above example. You can stick a pencil through that.
Len Parker wrote:
I thought there was a chance it was spanish.

HUH! Fascinating, but not like that Romanesque one. More like buff coats. At lest they follow a normal coat or waistcoat pattern.

In support of the hypothesis that this represents the remains of a theatrical costume, I've seen similarly weird "buttoned" segmentata in paintings from the early 19th century depicting Roman soldiers-perhaps the models that posed for those pictures wore similar outfits to this.

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