Scottish Claymore/basket hilt?
Hey everyone,

Does anyone have this, or any thoughts? I wanted an original and budgeted about $2k.. but they seem a bit difficult to find, so if anyone has any leads that way, I would also be interested.

This is the sword I am referencing:

I canít find any reviews, or threads/discussions.. which is weird as itís been around for a while. Does anyone have any photos, or any further info? Iím curious, fe, what the grip looks like. I havenít bought from MRL in years, probably been a decade, but that sword surprisingly looks better than any other higher end offerings.

Thoughts guys?

Over heavy and the basket will be too large. I would check out for a good semi-production sword. Their baskets are more closely sized to the originals. Of course, for $2000 you could get an excellent and exacting custom from a good maker.
I agree with Ian. The basket is huge and the sword is overly heavy and, IMHO, not all that attractive. The grip, if it is like the steel version I have, is leather wrapped with wire and is too small to grasp comfortably.

$2000 is not going to buy you an early original. They come up for auction occasionally and usually bring a tidy sum. Amour Class makes pretty good swords, they are certainly well balance and light, and as Ian says, you could approach a custom maker to see what you can get for the money.

Good the way, be sure to check the Marketplace Forum on this site. I have bought two custom made basket hilts from the Forum and have been very pleased.
Very good points above. Zach, I've sent you a PM regarding antiques.
I agree with all the points mentioned. Armour Class can't be beat for the price, but $2000 might also get you into an E.B. Erickson, depending on hilt style and complexity and other factors, assuming you don't mind waiting (he's worth the wait).

I've handled the Windlass sword in question. I was not impressed. It is grossly overweight and badly balanced (these are common flaws with any Windlass basket hilt sword). Hilt is not quite as big as the old "Culloden" hilt but it's still way too big. Save your money.
I'll give a dissenting opinion here: I'm not impressed with the Armourclass blades and the baskets are a bit hit and miss for me. Some of them are overly large and others are strangely shaped in three-dimensions. Now these things may be just fine given the price point, but the idea of value is really a difficult thing to assess since we all feel differently about that sort of thing. Mileage varies.
Thanks for the replies everyone. It certainly confirms my thoughts on MRL do indeed extend to this sword, and have put aside the moment of madness.

Im thinking I will wait until an original comes available, or my budget grows.


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If I'm not too late to throw in my two cents, you might also consider Rob Miller at Castle Keep for a basket hilt. I'm pretty sure he could do some fantastic work for $2,000.

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