Mail and Padded Cuisse Question
Iím sure Iíve seen various images (like the Maciejowski Bible and others) showing a potentially or obviously separate padded thigh cuisse over or with mail chausses, but aside from the above, I canít seem to recall any specific evidence for full mail chausses and additional padded cuisses, rather than a padded thigh cuisse and a lower portion of attached mail. Iím away from reliable internet right now and just have a crappy phone, so if anyone can post pictorial or textual evidence for full chausses and an added padded cuisse OR a padded cuisse upper with attached lower mail, please do so. I got curious when looking at a photo of the plaster cast of the effigy of William Marshal I. It kind of looks like the cuisses are pretty thin, at least at the knee (unless those are cops), and I thought it might make sense to have no mail on the thigh and just have thick or quilted cloth...

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The Maciejowski example shows the gamboissed cuisse being pulled over cloth hosen. Unless there is some unfound miniature showing a similar scene with mail visible both above and beneath the cuisse, one can only speculate if the mail is beneath the cuisse using visual sources.

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Off topic, but what is the artistic meaning behind the 'I have to pee' pose in many effigies?
The pose dates back to the Roman Republic. It was a classical consular pose adopted when sitting in front of one's inferiors. It was meant to project majesty and authority.

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The rider himself should be equipped in this wise:
he should wear good soft breeches made of soft and
thoroughly blackened linen cloth, which should reach
up to the belt; outside these, good mail hose* which
should come up high enough to be girded on with a
double strap; over these he must have good trousers
made of linen cloth of the sort that I have already
described ; finally, over these he should have good knee-
pieces made of thick iron and rivets hard as steel.

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