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This is the now discontinued Spartan Lakonian by Windlass. I would say it is one of Windlass' most historically accurate swords.

1065 High Carbon steel
It weighs in at about 2 pounds
Blade length at 14 inches
Roughly 18 inches OAL
The fittings are bronze.

I believe the Spartans favored such a short sword when it came down to the crush of the shield walls once the spears were broken or discarded. A blade so small made fighting in close quarters a lot easier. The blade it's self is versatile in that it is a thruster as well as a slasher. It reminds me a lot of how the Romans would use the gladius.

Anyhow I am selling this bad boy because I myself am more of an Axe man. It is a hobby of mine to split wood and throw axes. I am terrified of owning a sword because they are so valuable and I am afraid of damaging one. With an axe you can just replace a handle or get another head. A sword requires a great deal of care and skill and passion. I am afraid my passion is for the axe. So I would like this beautiful sword to find a good home.

I am selling it for 120, free shipping to the U.S. If you would like more pictures I would be happy to send them to you via E-mail.

The pictures I have posted I realise have some dog hair/cat hair which I have since wiped off the blade.

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