Armour in Vienna photos
I have put up the first set of photos from Vienna in my Flickr account. I apologize for how long this is taking, but I am editing the photos before I put them up, so you don't have to. Some photos that seem to be duplicate are actually left-right eye views for converting into stereoscopic images, when I get that figured out; they are labeled left and right. I hope to get them converted into anaglyphs somehow. You don't have to wait for anaglyphs to start the 3D fun; you just need a long piece of cardboard to put between your eyes. But don't do it too long; your parents were right - it'll make you go blind. ;)'s full of stars... :eek:

Never you worry, these are worth waiting for! For some reason I'm especially tickled by the visible signs of damage and repairs, e.g. around several rivets in the ninth photo in the Gilded Borders album. Perhaps they just make a strikingly grounded contrast for all the fabulous decorative details surrounding them.
The damage is interesting for what it can tell us about how it has been affected by use, particularly A 62 (Sigmund 'gothic' harness). There are few parts of A 62 that have not experienced significant damage, much of it consistent with use. The greaves and the sabatons, on the other hand (I am speaking here about the ones that have been on A 62 for decades which have recently been put back with A 58, the other 'Sigmund' harness, but which I believe belong on A 62), have suffered serious corrosion damage. I apologize, but I will not be posting many photos of A 62, as I already had some spectacularly good ones taken by other people that I could not hope to equal.
Just another reason I can say...I LOVE German gothic armor! :D Thanks for sharing. Incredible. :cool: .....McM

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