Resources for Tang China military and Arms and Armour?
The title pretty much says it all. I am trying to get up to speed on the military organisation and particularly the equipment of Tang China. Especially arms and armour, and details of swords, scabbards and belt rigs.

Books would be most useful (but websites too), and I am prepared to spend a bit to get the best ones that are well illustrated and in English if possible. So any suggestions gratefully received!

Also, do Osprey do any that would be useful and trustworthy?
Hi Peter this website might be of interest
Osprey books are best taken with a grain of salt...especially their illustrations. The artists often seem to take a bit of 'creative license' with their portrayals. A good bit of information though, but I wouldn't swear on it. Just FWIW. ;) ......McM
As is often the case for Chinese arms, the best English language book appears to be Yang Hong, Weapons in Ancient China:

The relevant Osprey books are OK, and cheap and available:
Imperial Chinese Armies (2) 590-1260AD:
Soldiers of the Dragon: Chinese Armies 1500BC-AD1840: (the previous book and others in the series collected in one volume).
While the modern art can be wrong in detail, the contemporary art and text is good.

The Chinese language "Iron and Steel Swords of China" has 16 pages on Tang swords (and armour, but mostly swords).

Especially for sword suspensions and armour, the best sources are art. The number of pictures you can find online exceeds what any single one of the above books will provide.

The summary:
Swords: Straight dao, hung from belt using Central Asian style P-mounts, Central Asian style short guard, either ring pommel or pommel cap.
Armour: Lamellar, sometimes scale, 2 piece breastplates (which are sometimes clearly shown as worn over lamellar)

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