Sword belt buckles
I'm finalizing a design for a Saxon hunting sword c. 1700, based loosely on this one and a few others. So now I need a belt to go with it and looking for help deciding on the buckle.

Sword Links has four belts from Bashford Dean's book. The first is from the right time period, but I can't wrap my little brain around how it works. The other three look like modern trophy buckles, but it doesn't say what part of the century they're from.

There are plenty of brass center-bar buckles on the market, though mostly very plain (some slightly more ornate ones are available). I could fabricate a trophy buckle, if hard-soldering the back bar and hook will be sufficiently strong.

Any better ideas? Is there anything wrong with my line of thinking here?
For what it's worth:

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Thanks for that. So should I just get the most ornate spectacle buckle I can find that's the right size?
Possibly. You might have an easier time finding German military sword belts of the period--either surviving in museums or in portraits, etc. Decoration/complexity would probably be dictated by quality of sword.

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