Albion Sempach opinions?
I'm heavily considering ordering an Albion Sempach as my deployment welcome home to me gift and am looking for some first hand opinions on its handling and how well it cuts (for a primarily thrusting oriented sword)?

As well can anyone tell me how long the grip is to include the pommel? I have an Albion Liechtenhauer that I use for training and really like the grip and pommel proportions and would like to find something with similar proportions.

Thanks in advance.
According to the specs listed on KOA, overall is 45-3/4''--blade 36''--grip 7''---so with the thickness of the guard taken out, that would make the grip and pommel about 9''. :) ....McM
BTW----Welcome home, and good choice! ;) ....McM
Hi Michael

Bill Grandy's review in these very pages discusses the Sempach's handling and includes the measurements you're looking for. Like Mark says it's about 9" - 9.5 on the sample reviewed. About an inch and a half shorter than the Liechtenauer.

Several other resources here (apologies if you've already seen these):

Not sure when you return, but FYI on wait times. I recently took delivery of a Viceroy after around 13 months, and Mike just quoted me 11 months on my newest order.

Have fun choosing and welcome home.
I haven't actually deployed yet. I'm set to leave in the next month. Just looking ahead... As for the 13 month wait, I've been waiting on my Trajan gladius from them for over 2 years now. I can be patient.

How does that inch - inch and half difference effect handling?

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