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Caveat Emptor! I just purchased this rapier here in the Forum from a very nice guy who shipped the piece very promptly. Here is the original ad: "'I've had something come up and I need to sell my custom Rob Roy inspired rapier of Archibald Cunningham. The rapier was done by David Baker who is a judge on the TV series Forged in Fire. The blade is 38" long sharp. Comes with leather scabbard. The scabbard is stiff and will need some leather oil to soften it up more. I'm asking $600 with free shipping in the USA. PayPal accepted.

Here is the issue: the rapier is a piece of junk. It looks nice and feels nice in the hand but if you are a collector looking for a specimen English cup hilt rapier for your collection....well, this ain't it! The maker is one of the judges on the Forged in Fire series and I expected better. The engraving on the cup was done (apparently) with a Dremel - believe it or not. The scabbard is just terrible. It doesn't fit and is home-brew in the extreme.

I want to emphasize I do not hold the seller responsible in any shape, form or manner. I should have exercised more due diligence. But my loss may be your gain. I bought the sword less than a week ago for $600 shipped. It is for sale at $300 with buyer paying shipping. Again, swords basically looks nice if you are into Ren Faire, etc, but if you're a collector, forget it!

If you want a bargin....let me know!

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