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I am selling a museum quality, 1796 pattern, British infantry, Flank Officer's sabre and scabbard. This may be a Napoleonic era sword and could have seen service in either the Peninsular campaigns or possibly at Waterloo, who knows.

This sabre has been fitted with a more slender, curved blade rather than the standard, heavier cavalry blade, a custom made purchase for an infantry officer. The blade itself is curved, just over 28 inches in length and plain with no fuller. It has a single edge for most of it's length, but a 'false double edge' for the last 11 inches up to the tip. The blade bears only a few small areas of black oxidization, as is to be expected with a weapon which could reasonably be well over 200 years old, it has no maker's mark or other stamps on it.

The sword comes complete with it's original, leather bound scabbard, fitting with steel mounts and double suspension rings, (it is very rare that the leather scabbard has not perished and been thrown away many years ago and this scabbard is in very good condition considering it's years).

Price: GBP 895+pp

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