Mothballs and sword storage
Okay, so I know this question might be basic for those of you with more experience w sword storage and/or rust removal.

This fall I moved some outdoor potted plants into the same room where I have a large wall mounted sword cabinet. It has glass doors but isint air tight.

A few weeks ago I found aphids on the plants. I have been controlling with a pesticide, but some eggs are still hatching and they are a winged form.

My question: does it make sense for me to add mothballs to the sword cabinet? I don't want the bugs attacking leather scabbards, etc but I am clueless as to whether mothball fumes would damage the metal.

Thanks in advance for any opinions,

I would figure out another way. One of the main ingredients in mothballs is naphthalene. It's the vapors from this that kill the moths. It's also harmful to humans and pets. I figure a closet would get opened more than your case, thus airing out the closet. You say your case is not airtight, but it probably is more so than a closet. Therefor, it would just concentrate the gasses even more. I would think that you might be doing more harm than good. Maybe someone else can say better than me though. Good luck. :) .....McM
Just thought of this: You might hang fly strips at the entrance to the case. It might be a bit unsightly, but it's only until the plants go outside again. Heck of a lot better than taking a chance with your blades---and your health. ;) .....McM
Aphids won't pose any threat to your swords or associated wood and leather scabbards etc.

Trust me, I'm a zoologist....

Thanks to you both. I will rest easier knowing they present no hazard to the sword collection. Going completely off swords for a moment, do you have an opinion as to whether they would damage paper goods like books or board games?


Ed could probably answer that 100%, but I will say no. Aphids are attracted to living plants. I would think they would have no interest in chemically treated paper. :) ......McM
Michael R. Black wrote:
do you have an opinion as to whether they would damage paper goods like books or board games

Nope, just your house plants!

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