This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I am selling my prized sword due to unfortunate circumstances, and must now part way's with it Sad .

Come's with a custom built scabbard which was made by Rob Miller from castle keep, it has a 925 sterling silver chape and buckler and end , made exquisitely well though has some minor cosmetic wear due to me being clumsy which can be seen in photos i have.

the sword is in brilliant condition and still looks new i still have the Albion box which will be posted in ASAP after purchase
no damage nick's or chips , and no scratches

Sad to see it go but happy to send it to someone who will treasure it

I'm selling this for 900 including shipping, the scabbard was 410 in total, and the price of the Ulvbane which was 750 at the time

Payment will be paypal friend and family option.

Contact through Hotmail if desired

Any questions please feel free to ask

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