For Sale: Bugei Exclusive 5160 Samurai katana (NL, EU)
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Since my interest has shifted from Japanese to European arms and armour the past few years I have decided to put my Japanese style swords up for sale to fund future projects.

This is the version with a 28” blade and 12” tsuka (70,5 cm nagasa / 31cm tsuka).
Bugei has confirmed that these swords use the same steel and heat treatment as the Hanwei Raptor line (so very tough) but with a better polish.
The blade has a geometric yokote and a reinforced diamond-shaped kissaki.
The fittings are exactly the same as the ones used for the high end Swedish powdered steel version of the Samurai. The ito is real silk, the same panel has a nice emperor node, and the tsuba, fuchi and kashira are iron. The saya has buffalo horn fittings, and is in the ishime ("stone-like") style.
The sword is in very good shape.
The sword has been used a couple of times for tameshigiri, therefore, there are a couple small scratches on the blade and the tsuba has some wear on it.
The blade has no nicks, dings, cracks, bends or chips whatsoever and is still as sharp as it came out of the box.
For the rest the blade, the ito and all the fittings (habaki, tsuba, etc) are in excellent shape, there is no play anywhere.
There is no crack or open seam in the tsuka core and the ito is VERY tight.
There is one thing I would like to mention though; the finish on the saya has some “crinkling bubbly ridges” on it. I contacted Bugei over this and they indicated that ALL swords in the 5160 exclusive line came from the forge like this, so even if you buy a brand new sword from them you will get this.

Moto haba: 33.20 mm
Moto kasane: 7.85 mm
Saki haba: 25.30 mm
Saki kasane: 6.25 mm
Thickest part of the tip area of the blade, at the diamond where the mune meets the shinogi, about 1 cm above the saki kasane: 6.90 mm
Thinnest part of the blade a couple centimetres below the saki kasane: 5.35 mm
Weight of the sword without saya: 1294 gram

Price is 475 Euro.

I prefer to sell within Europe because shipping a package this large outside of Europe can get expensive.
I accept paypal and wire transfer. I will eat any payment fees but buyer pays shipping.

Please take into consideration that this sword costs more than 800 Euro to import to Europe because of all the shipping, import tax, VAT, customs fees, etc.

If you would like more pictures or information feel free to ask.

I also plan on putting up for sale an SBG custom katana that I transformed into a ko-katana/uchigatana like sword (60cm nagasa / 25.5cm tsuka) and a customized Ronin Dojo Pro wakizashi (51cm nagasa / 14cm tsuka) but both the weather and my health haven't allowed me to make proper pictures and write a proper add but if you are interested send me personal message.

This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Price reduction to 450 euro.
The price is firm. This is the only price reduction I will do, you are now getting this sword for almost half what it will cost you brand new!

If you buy this sword together with my SBG ko-katana OR Ronin Dojo Pro wakizashi I'll give free shipping inside of Europe (worth around 30-35 euro).
If you buy this sword together with both my SBG ko-katana AND Ronin Dojo Pro wakizashi I'll give you another 35 euro discount on top of the free shipping inside of Europe. That's all three swords (which would cost you around 1500 euro) for 780 euro.

I also took a lot of new pictures:;page=1

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