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Hi am wondering if the wargame game "Saga" is popular among wargamers. I don't play wargames myself but do enjoy painting miniatures and sell them off when complete. I'd like to know which games are popular as it helps base the models. I did have the game saga and it looked like a great fun game, if unrealistic.
SAGA is a great game, although I have only had one game of it this year due to other games I'm currently playing!
It certainly has it's fan base, being Dark Age and Crusade era currently.

Though it is a hard thing to pin point in terms of painting models for sale, gamer's can be fickle. But then look at FFG's X-wing, it's great that the models are painted, still doesn't stop the re-paints.

Due to SAGA not having to use any specific models from any specific manufacturer quite a few older gamer's have hordes of painted dark age peoples laying about painted so may be a harder sell?

I think in terms of SAGA you could either paint whole Warbands - which people may want, but then may be put off if there's not the unit or amount of units they want, Or you could paint just Unit's and sell them that way? and along those lines take units from one or three popular factions like the Irish, the Vikings and other.

What would be easier would be to join the forums with the likes of SAGA, or Kings of War or even something like Dux Bellorum etc. and ask about commission painting or maybe just paint up a couple of 'everyman' units (as for the likes of SAGA a fair amount of dark age peoples dressed and looked similar within the same regions).

Might help.
Thanks for your reply, I mostly sell them to make room for new ones and as a way of financing paints. I don;t really try to make money. Though I found doing German armies in 15mm especially with all the camo was quite lucrative, if a bit of a strain on the eyes! I enjoy painting dark age troops most and yes I think entire warbands might be fun.
I used to play Phil Barker's DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis). I particularly liked it because the level of abstraction removed the capability of making many detailed decisions that I felt I shouldn't have been able to make as the overall commander of an ancient or medieval army in an era before radio communications.

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