Blackfencer (synthetic) sharp longsword simulator
A couple of brothers brought the new Blackfencer (synthetic) sharp longsword simulators to class this evening and I got to try it out. I am rather new to fencing and have certainly never fenced with a sharp anything, so I am not a very qualified critic. All I can say is that the blade edges sure catch a lot more than with any other practice sword I have tried. Have any of you who know what it is like to fence with a sharp tried this new Blackfencer? Anyone have any thoughts to share?

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It's true that two sharp blades can bite into each other a little bit which can cause them to stick in the bind a little more which is what those synths are trying to simulate. What they won't simulate is the feel of the actions on the blade that can happen from there but that probably won't matter because in my experience those aren't the sorts of techniques you'll be able to learn from a book and it can take quite a while to use them correctly even when you have an experienced teacher properly demonstrating the techniques on a regular basis and there aren't many people who teach them anymore. Then there's the matter of being able to perform them effectively in the middle of a bout vs in a drill. It's not bad that you have a pair available to you to play around with but be aware they aren't actually more realistic overall because they're only simulating the starting condition and it isn't necessary to simulate the starting condition at all to learn or use the techniques. It's telling that no traditional Western training sword was ever designed to try and simulate what those wasters are trying to simulate.

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