Need Help Identifying Sword
Hi everyone,

I joined this forum in an effort to identify a sword that I own. The only thing that I know about the sword is that it was purchased from Museum Replicas Limited back in the mid 1990s. I did some research and noticed that the manufacturer Del Tin makes a similar sword called the Medieval Sword, 2132. I have two questions:

- Was my sword made by Del Tin, and if so, which model?

- Does anyone know the approximate value of my sword (no scabbard)?

As you may have guessed, I'm planning on selling this in the near future.

Thanks for any help!


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Del Tin made many of the swords that MRL offered in the 1990's. That stopped when Windlass purchased MRL. The blade is probably made from Krupp CK55 steel, which is what Del Tin was using back then. It probably doesn't have very good blade geometry, because that wasn't much of a factor in swords made in that decade.

DT2132 is the Del Tin successor sword to that MRL/Del Tin model, and it has evolved since then.. If you could find an old MRL catalog from that era, you could determine what MRL called it.

In my opinion, (which may not be worth much) $300.00 is about the top price you could get for it.
Thanks for the information, Roger.

I will try to locate an MRL catalog from that time period to figure out exactly which model I have. I have looked all over the sword for any manufacture's marks, but the only thing I've found just says Made In Italy.
You might ask Museum Replicas about this sword. It probably dates back around 20 years or more, so there may not be many people there now who go back that far. I bet they have old catalogs stashed away though.
Dear Mr. Walker,

On Thursday 4 February 2016, you wrote:

. . . I have looked all over the sword for any manufacture's marks, but the only thing I've found just says Made In Italy.

As Mr. Hooper didn't make it explicit, and you're still in doubt, this is a Del Tin sword. While Del Tin does have a maker's mark, they haven't always used it. But the "Made in Italy" stamp, plus the information you supply about the sword's origin, confirms that your sword was made by Del Tin.

I hope this proves helpful.


Mark Millman
Thanks for the information guys!

I contacted MRL and they confirmed that this is in fact a Del Tin sword.

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