Construction of Kern darts
Hi, I know this subject has come up before but not I think in this detail. I am planning on making a few more darts and having a good go at getting a bit more proficient with them. I am wondering if there are any extant examples or detailed descriptions. I am planning on using javelin heads, hazel and ash cut in the round rather than split from planks and duck or goose feathers. As semi disposable weapons I would have thought that the darts would be made to a less exacting finish than spears polearms etc.
Thanks in advance.
Have you seen this latest discussion of javelins?

I've been part of these discussions, and don't have much new to offer. I think that if you treat these like a giant arrows, you'll arrive at the appropriate level of finish and detail. As you say, they're essentially disposable.

A few notes:
Look at the continental "lancegay" for depictions that might help develop the Irish version.
Consider the details of the Mary Rose darts in the thread linked above. Those were huge (almost more for dropping than throwing) but might give you some ideas.
I had amazing success with turkey feathers, poplar dowel, a finger loop and a .45 casing or medieval arrowhead on the tip. Even after the flights are bent and ragged, they do a wonderful job of keeping the javelin straight. It's pretty much effortless.
I've seen pretty much every typical arrow shaft profile reflected in javelins--barreled, tapered tail to tip, straight, etc.
I still want to try wood flights on a hardwood tool handle. The kind with a metal, male-threaded tip should provide enough weight at the tip to give you a good idea of performance before you invest in a proper head. When/if I get to this project, I'll try the Windlass javelin heads or find something similar at KOA or Ebay.

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From that other thread. This is one the most helpful images I've seen.

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That's great thanks Sean. I think I had seen that thread, I'll have a more detailed look.

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