Authentic US Civil War Calvary Saber ?
Greetings ! Does anyone here know of a reputable, solid, dealer for authentic American Civil War Swords ? A friend in a Cav Regiment is looking for one. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated !

Authentic, as in historically accurate modern reproduction, or authentic, as in an actual antique Civil War sword?
I do believe that you might find some swords that you are looking for at But you have to check whether they deliver to your place or not.
Jeffrey Faulk wrote:
Authentic, as in historically accurate modern reproduction, or authentic, as in an actual antique Civil War sword?

Apologies for not being more clear. I mean an actual Civil War Era sword, from the 1860's. I know the price will be hefty !

Thanks !
There are several reputable antique sword dealers listed in the links page. Most are probably European but I`am sure you could find one or two squirreled away in there. And on ebay there are even a few sellers. I recommend a seller by the moniker ,pcay, he usually has U.S swords.
Simpson Ltd
I would highly recommend Simpson Ltd. Very knowledgeable, helpful and I have done business with them for years with zero issues. You do have to search through their site but there are a lot of gems to be found.
Here is an old list of dealers I have. Look to the links section of any of them and you'll start to be familiar with the good old boy crowd. It is an old list. so some may be gone or not link easily.

These guys stand out as often having primo swords

This fellow has an excellent link section of good guys

Simpson rarely has top shelf swords and can be overpriced but he has a lot of fantastic book prices on out of print stuff.

Tom Nardi's price sheet is still pretty valid but primos will always command a premium.

There had been some real deals of Mansfield&Lamb swords but they dried up a bit. Ebay is still a fair place to shop and a decent generic wristbreaker can still be found in the $500-$600 range.

You didn't mention what type of sword he is looking for. Sharps can be hazardous for reenacting.


The sword isn't for reenacting. A friend was interested in presenting a sword to his father a Calvary Officer. No reenactments or cutting, most likely will hang on a wall or be displayed in his office.

The help is Greatly appreciated ! Thanks !

Best - James
Authentic US Civil War Cavalry Sabre?
Windlass does not make American Civil War swords.
It makes mostly swords for the British Armed Forces.

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