Montreal Canada new HEMA group.
Well, actually my previous HEMA instructor Patrick de Marchi has started a new HEMA group after a 5 year hiatus after closing down his previous group " Les Duellistes ".

The classes take place in a school gym in Boucherville which is a South Shore suburb of Montréal that is about a 15 minute drive from the Longueuil METRO station. ( The classes are Tuesday evening only, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m[i]. )

One can also take a bus, but one also has to walk 15 minutes from the closest bus stop.

I have a friend who picks me up from the METRO station, so I'm not sure about what bus route to take at this time.
( We had our first class last night and it was very enjoyable ).

For those in the greater Montreal region who might be interested in taking HEMA classes contact:

PATRICK de MARCHI at this e-mail address for more information.

As general information, I took classes from Patrick for 3 1/2 to 4 years, and he is a great teacher,

The teaching philosophy is more martial arts and not focused on competitive sports, we train mostly with no protective gear when learning techniques or drills, and only use fencing masks and light gloves for duels or if going close to full speed in training drills. ( Mostly the Liechtenauer German Longsword tradition ).

Light contact is acceptable when we misjudge distance/measure during friendly duels.

We use wooden wasters and blunt steel.

This is sort of like no contact karate where one stops one's blows as close to hitting without hitting.

Also, it is important for Patrick that training be fun and enjoyable: We currently start a session with some light warm ups to limber up joints followed by some free slow motion sparring just to warm up by doing actual fencing.

This is followed with specific training in drills and techniques and we finish off the last 1/2 hour of training with another session of half speed sparring. Total training time is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

More formal duels at closer to full speed can also happen, but not at every straining session. ( Who wins is less important than trying to use learned techniques, master strokes etc ..... ).

The group is currently small with Patrick and 3 students and we are hoping to get to at least 8 students eventually.

The cost is as low as possible and mostly just covering rental of the Gym space and liability insurance.

(Note the School where we rent the GYM is not involved except for renting the training space, so only those who want to join need to know the specifics of the address, so I'm not revealing it just so that people don't show up or call the school asking them questions they probably wouldn't know the answers to ).
Montréal, Canada new HEMA group
I just came across the Montréal HEMA group's website (in French):
Re: Montréal, Canada new HEMA group
Shahril Dzulkifli wrote:
I just came across the Montréal HEMA group's website (in French):

Well that is another well established group in Montreal, it does focus more on stage fighting which was their early focus when they started their group some many years ago, but they also teach HEMA now but not strictly the Liechtenauer German Longsword tradition I'm used to. ( Nothing wrong with other styles like Fiori or later masters but their teaching seemed to me to be a little bit of everything ).

The Compagnie Médiéval worked as extras and medieval reenactors on period Hollywood films like

They are a good group, but I personally prefer the teaching style of Patrick after 4 years of taking his classes in the past and being used to it rather than starting over from scratch.

I did try them out for a while but it felt almost like starting from zero which didn't work for me: Someone starting with them would probably be very happy with their teaching style. ( Nice and welcoming people by the way :cool: ).
Well, we had our first 3 sessions before Xmas and we should be starting up again in mid-January, anybody interested can join at any time in the training cycle.

I'm just giving the Topic a bump in case some people in the Greater Montréal want to contact Patrick and join or just make arrangements to see a training session or try one out. ( Arrangements for that with Patrick should be possible ).

Patrick is also open to having " Guest " from other groups who might want to share ideas and techniques. ( Again get in contact with Patrick to discuss it in more detail ).

Oh, additionally, any HEMA interested people doing the " tourist vacation thing " in Montréal might also be invited as guests.

Keep in mind that the sessions are only on Tuesday nights from 6:30 pm. to 8:30 p.m.
Hi there,

Actually La Compagnie Médiévale are no more providing stage fighting classes from the last 3-4 years.

We are focussing on HEMA but we are following a bit more Meyer now, instead of Liechtenauer.

Jonathan Verville wrote:
Hi there,

Actually La Compagnie Médiévale are no more providing stage fighting classes from the last 3-4 years.

We are focussing on HEMA but we are following a bit more Meyer now, instead of Liechtenauer.


Always good to correct out of date information. :cool: ( My experience with La Compagnie Médiéval was in 2011, I think ? ).

I'm sure that Patrick would welcome visitors and guests from other groups as we can all learn from each other and from different teaching methods, also friendly sparring with people from other groups can be productive because when we spar and train with always the same people we get into habits and we also get to know each others tricks and we become too easy to read.
Thanks Jean, I will check that out.
Its been a real pleasure to meet you. One day You'll have to show me that Albion !
Jean-François Picard wrote:
Thanks Jean, I will check that out.
Its been a real pleasure to meet you. One day You'll have to show me that Albion !

Yes, that was fun meeting you and you did seem to be " over-bubbling " with enthusiasm, so if you do choose to join us for training sessions you wont be able to avoid seeing my Albion ..... ;) :D :cool: ( Just teasing with the " over-bubbling " comment, but you did have a big wide grin .... :cool: )

Just get in touch with Patrick and come to a class session to observe and maybe join if you find it fun and interesting.

( By the way, for context for everybody else wondering, we met Jean-François going home at the Metro station and he asked if I was carrying a sword in my custom made leather sword carrier and we had a nice discussion about our new Longsword group ..... funny how sometimes these things happen by chance ).
Note that the classes have been moved to Monday Nights instead of Tuesdays at the same time and place.

Anyone interested should contact Patrick to get the location and directions to get there and the details about joining or just coming to see a class or participate for one class before deciding if they want to join the group.

We changed nights because another group of people training in Viking sword and shield wanted to join us for some classes and exchange ideas and also learn and practice some German Longsword.

This is also good for us cross-training with people using different weapons than we are used to. :D

I find that even friendly bouting feels very different against each different person, and even more so when each side has to figure out and deal with an unknown opponent: When we train with always the same people who practice the same style we end up knowing how each will react and we can get into a training rut. In period for a real fight one would not know what to expect and how good or bad one's opponent was unless one already had seen them fight or they where a known fighter with a reputation.
I have made a bougex event page for the group and added a few pictures.
There are a few more pictures on the ''wall'' section of the event.
The event also has the dates of future classes.

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