Siege sickle from Eger, Hungary
For some time there was a topic here about sickles; there was one in a removed exhibition from a private collector in Eger in NE Hungary. The fortess sustained succesfull a large ottoman army in 1552 than the turks occupied it 44 years later, so the exhibitions there contains a lot of interesting stuff. The weapons of the private collector has been bought by the museum so now all of them are shown again. Here is "siege sickle" with a ca. 30 inch long blade. I don't now how thick it is.

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I must say that those are all very fine looking weapons, but that 'sickle' looks straight out gnarly... :eek:

Do you per chance know what the description next to those has to say about them?
I promise I'll make a photo next time!
Remarkable collection (many excavated messers, of various forms and lengths, also a very rare longsword size katzbalger), I was there. Impressive fortress that holds another collection (smaller though).
what does the label says about datations?
These are weapons from the 15-17th centuries and that sickle is a "siege sickle"; I can't remember on any specifications, measurements etc in the label.
The sickle is a fearsome looking weapon. I wonder how the thin edge would hold up to combat use, as I'd imagine it is a modified agricultural implement (???) But, when the Turks are at the door, you use what you have.

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