Show Us Your Pirate Garb and Weapons
Hi All,
Thanks to Black Sails and Crossbones I have recently become very interested in the Golden Age of piracy. I am looking to put together a nice kit and what better inspiration than you guys here at myArmoury that have the knowledge and skills of the era. Also,it would be greatly appreciated if you listed the best vendors of which you purchased your appropriate gear.

So please help and post your best garb and weapons from the above mentioned era.


If you have not already done so, you should read The Republic of Pirates. It's the book that was the inspiration for Crossbones, although it focuses only on history, rather than the TV series' concern of making an interesting show.

No pirate gear myself, although I am curious how many people who reprsent pirates choose swords like hangers, as opposed to rapiers, small swords, and other commonly available swords during this time period.
Show Us Your Pirate Garb and Weapons
First of all, we must wait for somebody to post their photo in pirate garb as well as their weapons in this thread.
A good, inexpensive, reasonably accurate cutlas/hanger is the Windlass Pirate Captain's Hanger that you can find at KOA - It has an unsharp blade.

Not that any pirate would have used this weapon (but I bet he would have loved to have it if it had been available to him) is this Octopus-hilted hanger that I got from Baltimore Knife and Sword. They make a lot of cutlasses - they look great, but I can't speak to how historically accurate they are. FWIW, I used the blunt Octopus not long ago, while playing a pirate onstage.

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Thank you guys so far.

I would also be interested in where to get decent "period" style flintlock pistols.

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