Sparring with sheathed swords?
Removing a sword from it's scabbard was prima facie evidence of mal-intent, i.e. brandishing vs. legal open carry. This fellow presents an interesting defense, which must have been considered "reasonable".

14 July, 26 Elizabeth.—Coroner's Inquisition-post-mortem, taken at Thistleworthe co. Midd. on view of the body of John Felles of the said parish yoman: With Verdict of Jurors, that on 7 July 26 Eliz. between five and six a.m. the said John Felles and a certain George Ogden of the same parish yoman were together in God's and the Queen's peace in a certain bedroom within the house of William Davys at Thistleworthe tayler, when the two played together, pretending sportively to make an affray and fight one another, John Felles having in his right hand a staff worth a halfpenny and George Ogden having in his right hand a sword, still in the scabbard as he had no thought to do his playmate harm; and that, whilst they were so playing, John Felles ran in upon George Ogden and received in his left eye the point of the sword still in its scabbard, and so by mischance received a wound, of which he died on the 13th inst.; and that in this manner John Felles came to his death by mischance. G. D. R., 5 Oct., 26 Eliz.

The incident makes me wonder if the scabbard had a metal chape, or whether it had a leather chape/no chape. My guess is that it must have been either of the latter.
Sparring with sheathed swords?
It is impossible to spar with sheathed swords because their sheaths can remove instantly when swung, revealing the blade.
I'm not sure this is true. I tried playing around a little bit with my Neil Burridge sword, because it's the only one I've got that has a scabbard without a belt and suspension. The strikes I performed were admittedly only at partial speed. However, I saw little indication the scabbard was going to slide off when striking. When thrusting, the scabbard slid several inches down the blade; I don't think it would be that easy for the blade to slide all the way out even with a thrust at normal speed, especially with a longer medieval sword and scabbard (versus the shorter bronze St. Anastasie sword I was using). To me, it seems plausible that one could spar with a sword in a scabbard.

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