St. Lucia's sword
Hey there folks,

I went to the museum recently and one of the paintings in the medieval/early renaissance halls had this painting of a saint being killed. What I noticed was a rather special looking sword. It looks like it has some sort of a ricasso flare a few inches from the cross guard and a fuller that terminates in a sharp point another inch beyond that. I kinda like it and I wonder if anyone here knows anything about that sword or if there are any swords like it.

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Oakeshott type XVIIIe. It's a type that seems to be indigenous to Scandinavia and northern Europe, although there are a few outliers here and there.

The Albion "Dane" is a great example.
Ah thanks, I had a quick glance at the oakenshot typology but I went over that one because the flared triangle was not present to the degree in the painting.
Randal Graham made one very similar some time back,
there was also either an old ATRIM or Tinker blade quite similar, slightly shorter in the riccasso though,

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You're thinking about the Angus Trim 1508. That had a pretty decent ricasso. He also made a piece with a shorter ricasso, can't say what number off the top of my head though.
Nice one. Which Museum Pieter?

I quite like that sword, has a special look to it really.

Mark Griffin wrote:
Nice one. Which Museum Pieter?

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, I went to Late Rembrand and had a chance to quickly look at the medieval/renaissance/arms and armor bit. The paintings and some jewelry was great but the arms and armor department was severely underwhelming.

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