Nielo Katzbalger?

Has anyone handled the nielo katzbalger sword? This model to be exact

The handle looks very nice, not sure about the rest. According to KoA the blade is pretty thick. Also what's a quick place to get a scabbard now?

In my experience, I've noticed the Nielo swords tend to have very nice hilts, but the blades can be hit or miss.
Hi Ian

I read your review on the langes messer, it was a very nice sword. Thanks for the reply.
I agree with Ian after having owned 3 swords from this maker.
I I have received the nielo katzbalger, it is a nice little sword with very good handling, but the blade needs sharpening. The hilt however is awkward as the guard wobbles around no matter how I try to peen it. For the price nielo asked for, I expected a.little nicer hilt construction. But this can be fixed so good job nielo. Now I just need to find someone who can make a scabbard for it.

Koa listed it as 2.8lb and balance out at 5
Mine is 2.4lb balanced at 3.6

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