Best material to hang a sword
This is my first post because I'm buying my first sword!! I'm building a custom display case at home so I can lock the sword up so that little hands will not be able to access it quite so easily.

In a few months I'll be a proud owner of my first sword. A&A German Rapier and it's matching dagger.

I've read somewhere that a specific type of metal is best for hanging, or simply wood. What is the consensus here at myArmoury about best material to use? I'm guessing wood, but as I'm no expert I thought I'd see what you guys think.

Its your choice really. You need to balance aesthetics with practicality. Anything you use should complement the weapon and its not just what its suspended on, its whats behind too. So on a wooden plaque then maybe some nice wooden dowels to match. Have a look at some museums maybe?

I have a variety here ranging from decorative nails to wooden pegs to acrylic dowels to fishing line.
What do people think of Command Hooks? I have been debating using these for a while.
Isn't there a potential corrosion issue when hanging a sword (or any metal object for that matter) onto material which is of better corrosion resistance than the sword because of a chemical reaction affecting the metal?

The word potential is the thing. Yes there is, but depends how you manage it. I live in Wales where we are as humid as the Amazon basis without the temperatures. To be honest reaction with what holds them up is the least of my worries, its the flipping air that's the problem here!
I've had good luck with deep sea leader, the kind you crimp with pliers. It's like very thin cable with a vinyl sheath. I make a loop that loosely encircles the ricasso, crimp it to length then hang from a picture hook. If the metal parts of the hook bear against leather grips, I'll put a little patch of leather in between for protection. I like to rotate my swords occasionally so they get the same amount of light on both sides. That way, I can see if there is any rust developing on the side facing the wall. I give an occasional wipe down with BoeShield to further fight corrosion. Living at the coast for the last 20 years has caused me to be vigilant.

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