American cavalry sword late 1700's marked WYATT
Found this cavalry sword in Philadelphia and listed is a Wyatt a silversmith that mounted swords in Philadelphia.
The curved 35 3/4" clipped pointed blade has one narrow fuller. The slotted hilt is a 3 bar guard with black leather grip wrapped in twist wire and two single wires. The bun shaped pommel is similar to some Scottish basket hilted swords.
If this sword is from Philadelphia it may have been made for the oldest mounted American troop still in existence, First Troop of Philadelphia or another near by. This yet remains to be verified.
I first thought it may be the British 1788p heavy cavalry sword but there are too many variations and no Wyatt listed at the time in Britain.
I believe it is a new sword to the collecting world, when I got it the last half of the blade was corroded and uncleaned, only released from its leather scabbard with steel top mount marked by stamping A/57 and the inner hilt is also has a matching mark.
The scabbard mount has a white buff leather strap. The number 57 suggests there once was at least this many swords and troopers in its troop.
The blade narrows in width from the ricasso and swells towards the clipped point. The back edge of the point is bevelled/sharpened.

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American cavalry sword late 1700's marked WYATT
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Hmmm.......I've never seen this sword before. I also didn't notice that clipped-bladed swords have been used during the American Revolution. Moreover, this type of sword is quite rare nowadays.
Hi Will

I don't mean to be a pest but

and no Wyatt listed at the time in Britain.

Perhaps not as a sword furbisher but as pointed out in the SFI thread, listed as an English silversmith. In fact fairly well noted there as one. Also that the only mention of the Philadelphia address as mounting swords is a very general list headed with the mention of sword mounters with no data in Bezdek aside from the chapter heading. Bezdek is an astute compiler of raw data, however, in the list of (I truly expect) simply pulled up the same list of listings of all silversmiths (noted as a sword furbisher or not) Even the list of American silversmiths with the photo of a PW noted as "possible".

Then the association with the possibility as used by the first troop in Philadelphia makes a better date sense but where is Wyatt during the revolution? Multiple examples of the guard do fit the timeline and a curved vs straight blade unusual but no reason no to consider an officer's choice, Also no reason not to consider a plain, undecorated, blade for an officer. The previously number stamped hilt reused? Hey, there's a possibility..

I look forward to thoughts from others. More information on the Wyatt address (not shown in Bezdek (as he doesn't even list that) in Philadelphia and any other weapons shown to be marked by Wyatt would be refreshing. What you have gathered so far is more than circumstantial evidence and looks good as very probable but taken individually doesn't (in my mind) nail it as closely as it might.

It is a great piece!


I agree, I'm just putting possibilities together. To have them disproved allows us to look in other areas.
A reused hilt?The sword appears to fit very well such as tang through the guard and all parts seem to flow together well.
The guard bars differ from the British 1788p and angle off the slotted guard, not out perpendicular to it.
Pommel is a bun shape not elongated like any British 1788's I've seen. Only basket hilted swords I've seen have similar.
The rear grip ferrle is also unique and has a small notch cut in it where the end of the guard attaches..

I think it's good to look at all possibilities since another sword has not been found with provenance to verify.

I will add more photos so you get a better idea of construction, not having any sword in hand is more difficult.

I don't know how to have the photos shown, they just list as attachment that you must click on

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A couple more pictures to show blade thickness. Not sure why one picture came up and the other two didn't. I'll try again here.

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