The building of a 13th century Teutonic knight
Hey everybody I was hoping I could get a little assistance on my building of my early to middle 13th century Teutonic knight kit. Currently I have acquired a chainmail hauberk that comes to just above my knee, chausses that cover my feet, and a coif. I also have a aketon that reaches just below my knee and a padded arming cap. The helmet I'm currently working on and am almost finished with my elbow and knee poleyns. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Weapons I'll deal with later. Thank you for any feedback.
No visible elbow plates in the early to mid-13th century. Poleyns on the knees don't show until around 1225.
Hmm so at time would the visible elbow poleyn show up roughly?
Likely no earlier than 1275, though they're not common before 1300.
So if I were to shift my time period to the late 13th - early 14th would my kit require the inclusion of bracers and greaves?
No. Plenty of folks wearing nothing but mail sleeves and chausses into the early 14th century. A bit old-fashioned for the legs by then, but not unusual.
Hmm interesting, I am aware that scale never achieved the use in the west as it did in the east, however I had considered crafting scale sabatons and gloves that would reach slightly past the wrist instead of the more common mail mitten. Would this be at all likely in the late 13th - early 14th or is this more relegated to a fantasy idea?
Scale mittens occur in the French Life of St. Denis of 1317, and on an English effigy (Buslingthorpe?) now dated to c. 1330. Scale leggings seem to appear in some artwork, but it could be patterned fabric, an alternate method of depicting mail, etc..

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