Albion Stamford and earlier period viking swords
Hi everyone,

since 2008 im the proud owner of an Albion Stamford. I really love this sword for its swiftness and outstanding cutting capacity while having a plain an understating look.

Now after a few years my interest in earlier Viking swords such as the Hersir of Albion is grown and i wonder what the differences in Handling compared to the Stamford will be.

The stamford features a very thin blade that tapers from about 4.2 mm to 1.8 mm just after the point (i hope it is okay to post these stats!) that is what i believe makes the blade so handy.

Does any one of you know how much the Hersir or the Huskarl differ in bladedesign and handling compared to the stamford?

In other words is it just the same sword with a different look or do you really feel the difference?

best regards

ps: i searched for this topic in the forum but didnt find anything about it, so im sorry if i missed something.
Albion Stamford and earlier period Viking swords
Hersir and Huskarl - the blades look alike, I guess.
I haven't held both swords yet.
The Stamford shares the same blade with the Reeve and Bayeux. I own the Stamford and Reeve and the swords feel light in hand with the Stamford feeling slightly more weighty.

I also have the Huskarl and Jarl. Both of these swords have much more authority in hand. They feel more blade biased but not heavy.
Thank you guys!

since im making my own knives for a few years i decided to try to craft my own geibig 3 based Viking sword until i can afford a hersir.

it will maybe not turn out that well but its a nice project to pass the dark winter months. With the stamford as a rough guideline just adding a little more beef and more linear profile taper to the blade- it maybe even work. Everyone has to start somewhere...
but this is a topic for another tread

have nice holydays!

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