This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

This is an original Sword Buyers Guide Kuramono Elite, one of the last ones off the line. SBG and Proswords collaborated for a short time to deliver several models of semi-custom, high performance ”budget” katana. They had a falling out and I had to wait 5 months for the red tape to clear up before it was delivered.
The 12 step, hand polish is beautiful with a prominent “rolling hills” hamon. The solid bodied blade is made of T-10 tool steel and cuts like a lightsaber. The tsuka is finished with a blackened ray skin and black leather grip and fine silver menuki. All other fittings are blackened iron. The scabbard has a flat black textured finish. The only blemish is some cosmetic surface tarnish on the engraved side of the blade which has resisted full removal, but is hardly noticeable. Sword bag and display box included.
Asking $350.
Total length: 41”
Blade length: 28.75”
Weight: 39.5
PoB: 5.5”