Armet with vervelles
My intent is to match an early style visored armet with a 1440-50 style Italian armor, i.e. Avant, Beauchamp, etc. My question concerns the fastening of a mail fringe to the cheek pieces. Like the idea of using leather, vervelles, and cord vs. attaching with rivets and a metal strip. Does anybody know at approximately vervelles were no longer used for applications such as this? Don't mind fudging a bit, but don't want to do something that looks ridiculous.

Thanks in advance.

Looking at the position of rivets/holes on armets which have mail attached to them i'd say there is a leather strip rivetted to the inside of the helmet to which the mail is attached. But please someone correct me if i'm wrong or if there is more than one way.
The Met has two armets with vervelles. The museum dates them to around 1440, making them probably the oldest armets in their collection. The publication includes an older photo of (supposedly) 29.158.5 which includes the attached mail, plus visor and rondel, but these are apparently removed now...
You've got to appreciate the level of detail available in those photos from the Met.

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MET 29.158.5-vervelles.jpg
Met 29.158.5-vervelles

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MET 42.50.2-vervelles.jpg
Met 42.50.2-vervelles
The Churburg armet with vervelles is dated to 1425-1430.
[ Linked Image ]
Armet with vervelles
Thank to all for your quick response. The photos will also help with proper spacing.


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