Celtic limestone head from Msecke Zebrovice
Hello all,
While driving back from Florida some 17 odd years ago I stopped in GA at the MRL retail outlet an picked up a resin reproduction of the famous Celtic head ... Years of being outside ornamenting my pond has reduced it to unrecognizable condition ... I would like to find a decent reproduction cast in concrete and have come up with a whole lot of nothing .Any help our guidance this group could offer would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Celtic limestone head from Msecke Zebrovice
The Msecke Zebrovice Celtic limestone head, Tim? Do you mean this one?
[ Linked Image ]
Celtic Head
Yes - That is the one . Pardon me - I can no longer access this site at work and had meant to try and post a picture this weekend.
Thanks very much for beating me to it !
a little correction
Hej Tim,

just a little correction - the site name is "Msecke Zehrovice" (Mšecké Žehrovice, Czech republic) not "Msecke Zebrovice".

here are some other pics of the original head:
Celtic Head
Mr Freeman,
Thanks for the correction.
Any idea where I might find a reproduction ?
Hej Tim,

I took a look at some czech sites with only these results:




The first link looks like something you are looking for - I have no personal experience with the shop, but it looks pretty good nevertheless :-)

Last two are "inspired" by the original. So the only other way to get the exact copy is to find some stone-cutter and give order together with some pics and measurements (some original pics are here http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamenn%C3%A1_hla...BDehrovic)

Good Luck - hope this helps :-)
Celtic Head
Mr Freeman,
Thanks very much for your post ... I will look into these and see what I can do ... I would love to have a durable piece for the fountain in the pond in our garden.
Thanks again!
Hej Tim,

In case it interests you I came across this information - a unique exhibition has just opened in National Museum (Prague, Czech rep.) - including Venus of Dolní Věstonice, stone head of a Celt from Mšecké Žehrovice and meteorite from Opava-Kylešovice

The exhibition lasts 5.8.2014-27.8.2014

This is a very rare occasion to see the original with your own eyes - come to Czechia, enjoy historic Prague and fight the thirst with czech beer :-)

Celtic Head
Mr Freeman,
I wish !
Thanks for the information .

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