Recently acquired schiavona for discussion
I recently acquired at auction a schiavona with some interesting characteristics and would be grateful for any comments or insight into the age and authenticity of the sword. Based on Nathan's article on the schiavona, this is the Type 2b basket hilt with an iron cat's head pommel with rosette pattern. The overall length of the sword is 40 3/4" and the length of the blade is 34 1/2". The blade is double edged with the inscription on both sides "INTI DOMNNI" and the running or "Passau" wolf design. The grip appears to be a replacement as it is wire-wrapped instead of leather wrapped. I found a translation online for INTI DOMNNI as "most serene lord's gift or property", however DOMNNI is typically spelled with a single N instead of two, so was wondering if this is a misspelling or intentional. After purchasing this sword, and while researching it, I found that it was sold at auction in September 2010, again in April 2013, and again to me in May 2014. I was told that the buyer from 2013 never actually paid for any of his auction lots, and therefore the house was re-selling it align with the other previous lots from the same buyer. The description in the catalog said this is an 18th century schiavona in the style of the 16th century, however the wolf design, based on a diagram (attached) appears more like middle of the 16th century style. The leather wrapped and steel banded scabbard is also included. Some of the steel bands are missing, and there is a tape repair at the top.

Please look at the photos, especially those of you that are experts and provide any feedback about this sword. It is beautiful, the blade has a great patina as does the basket and pommel.

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Does it have a thumb ring? I think that I see one, but it's a bit obscured.
Yes, it does have a thumbring. I'll attach an additional photo that you can hopefully see better.

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That looks like a good honest old Schiavona. From the photos, I can't see anything that raises any red flags.

As to the inscription, it's a probable misspelling (you should see some of the variations on "Andrea Ferara" inscriptions!). It probably is the beginning line in Latin from Psalm 73: In te domine speravi (In you Lord, is my trust/hope). The speravi seems to be omitted on blades for whatever reason. As I recall, there was a discussion of the Inte Domini blade inscriptions over on SFI several years ago, and it would probably be worth digging it up.

Would you be willing to post some close-ups of the scabbard?

I have recently obtained a Marco Danelli schiavona and am intending to make a scabbard

many thanks
Re: Scabbard
Mike O'Hara wrote:
Would you be willing to post some close-ups of the scabbard?

I have recently obtained a Marco Danelli schiavona and am intending to make a scabbard

many thanks

Here are 2 photos of the scabbard. It is 36 3/4" long and 1 3/4" wide at the broadest point. There were originally 6 triple steel bands on the scabbard, there are now only 2 remaining. There is a 7" long piece of steel which would have been banded by the 3 closest to the point and span the length of those 3 bands.

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