This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hello folks,

I'm selling two spearheads, two Greek butt spikes and two javelin heads. All have been modified from Windlass products to get better weight, shapes and sizes to match historical pieces that I was interested in replicating at various times. The javelin heads and the large spear head have been used for target/training work, but are in solid condition. All of them could use a good polish and some minor sanding may be required on a couple around the bottoms of the sockets, where I ground off the pins that attached them to old shafts. Shipping should be about $10-12 for any given piece (less for the javelin heads). I accept Paypal. If someone wants all of these pieces together, I will make an uber deal at $140, which saves $30 on the combined costs listed below.


This started as a "leaf bladed" spear by Windlass and has been heavily modified. It's quite sharp and was very carefully ground down without allowing much heat to penetrate the blade, so its temper still seems good. It's a beast, at 17" total length with an 11" blade. Suitable for a shaft in the 1 1/4" range. $50.

This is a Greek spearhead by Windlass that has been cut down to size to lighten its weight and help out its profile. 11" total length. Ideal for a 1" shaft (as most historical Greek sockets suggest). $40.

A solid brass Greek buttspike by Windlass that has had its tip cut down and some major mods in the area where the socket meets the body of the spike. Very nice piece. 10.5" long. Ideal for a 1" shaft (as most historical Greek sockets suggest). $50.

An unmodified Windlass steel buttspike based on late Classical Greek examples. I've never used it. 10" long. 1 1/4" shaft. $20.

Two small Windlass javelin heads, each nearly 8" long; a bit of length cut off the sockets to make them better fit 1" shafts. $18 each, or both for $30.