For Sale: lfr - Saplings Strength Saxon/Elven Seax
Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this collaborative project I'm currently working on, with the hope of hearing your thoughts and feedback. And hopefully to also gain some momentum in seeing this piece come to life, and find its way into the hands of a soon proud owner?

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

More photos here:

This is an experimental collaborative project between myself and my good friends and fellow bladesmiths; Luke Shearer: and Nate Runals:

The blade was forged by Luke, and the grip and sheath will soon be made by Nate and myself.
The grip will be carved Buckeye Burl wood with a copper bolster, and the sheath will be hand tooled forest green leather with copper fittings.

The purpose and goal of this piece is to learn from each other by blending our artistic tastes on a Mythically-rooted but historically informed seax.

The vague concept of the piece being a historically shaped but mythically adorned seax, forged by ancient and forgotten European Elves. The Elf smiths who forged it choosing to blend their style with that of their new young neighboring humans, who now roam their lands. Given to men as a peace offering amidst the sprouting green of Springtime.

We are very seriously looking to find an owner for this piece ASAP. As all of the profits made from it will go towards helping us fund a work-study trip we are planning. We hope to visit and learn from a couple different talented bladesmiths (Such as forum member Scott Roush at a gathering he is hosting) as well a couple museum visits and class opportunities, all to improve our skills in the craft by studying together as young artists.

We are asking $2100 for this piece currently. However we are open to best offers if made soon, and are flexible to discuss options!
After June 20th the price will increase by $500.

Claiming it now can help us fund our study and work travels, and would allow the buyer to be able to have input on the finishing of this piece as their own.

To order or inquire please email:

We would love to hear any thoughts, comments, ideas, or critiques about the piece and project as a whole.

I will do my best to document the making of this piece as it comes to life, and will share the progress here on the forum as best as I can.

Thanks for viewing!
I can't wait to see it. The blade looks wonderful!
Must be exciting to take such a project to completion
Thanks for the kind words Scott and Harry!

This piece has officially been sold and claimed by its soon-to-be owner.

I'm looking forward to documenting some of the process of its making, and sharing it for those interested.

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