Visual representation of mass distribution
Hello all!

I have posted a new article:
Visual representation of mass distribution

It describes a way to represent the mass distribution in a visual and intuitive way for easier communication and comparison. I find it quite helpful for the analysis of my own collection at least...

It may be old news for some members of this forum, because I've discussed the ideas in earlier topics here, but I never got around to reformatting them in a readable fashion. This is now done :)

Re: Visual representation of mass distribution
Hi Vincent,

Thanks for posting this!

And thanks again for all of your work on these issues.

I remember some old posts on another forum, many years ago, where some key people were attempting to explore these issues. Many of us got excited, but the folks making these early explorations soon ran up against the limits of their own knowledge.

Back then, it looked like we almost had more questions than answers, and some of the key concepts touted at the time turned out to be quite incorrect ... I'm exceptionally glad that you, Peter Johnsson, and others stepped up to take this work further in the intervening years. Many of us have learned from it, and I'm sure much sword design has changed as a result also.
Thanks for your support!

Part of my motivation for writing this stuff down is to allow more research to build upon it eventually. Forum threads are always a bit difficult to parse and refer to, although reading the discussions can be quite informative. So I hope this will make it easier for people to pick these ideas up and run with them :) And I've not written everything I have in store yet ;)

I hope that one day this form of analysis will be commonly used for the study of original and reproductions. This is why I originally posted in Historical Arms Talk...


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