1796 light cavalry sabre
Konstantin Rebek wrote:

I am searching the internet for technical data (as precise as possible inclouding POB) of the 1796 light cavalry sabre.
Can someone help me out? :-)

In http://www.myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=11594 some measurements are given:
Blade: 32
Overall: 37
Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz.
POB: ~6 1/4"

I can provide one more example (not a trooper's sword; it's either militia or American):
Blade: 83cm/32.5"
Overall: 94cm/37"
Weight: 780g
POB: 165mm
Centre of percussion (AKA forward pivot point): about 21cm/8" from the tip (at about the end of the fuller)
Thickness at hilt: 10mm
Thickness at end of fuller: 2.5mm
Thickness drops to 2mm at 105mm from the tip, and continues to thin towards the tip.

Replicas are usually much heavier, and most of that extra weight is at the tip. This will make the sword a lot more clunky, and will affect the centre of percussion a lot.
Something I had been working on archiving at swordforum.com was threads pertinent to the 1796 LC, the heavies and the infantry swords. Although myopera discontinued my pages, the file for the lc threads up to 2005 is still available

If some wants the consolidated threads for the three files instead of the link(s), shoot me a pm with your email and I'll send the Word files.

One thread in particular was a comparison between an original and a Cold Steel as offered back then.

As noted in several threads, there were variations even in period but the biggest difference between the current production swords is the stock thickness and non-linear distal taper of originals.

Timo, if you have photos or a link to the American sword you mention, I'd love to see it. Here is one marked to Wolfe, NYC
[ Linked Image ]


Glen A Cleeton wrote:
Timo, if you have photos or a link to the American sword you mention, I'd love to see it.

Here it is, next to a replica trooper's sword. I think the grip is a replacement.

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1796 Light Cavalry Sabre
[ Linked Image ]
The sword at the bottom looks a bit similar to the 1796 British Light Cavalry Sabre except for its blade.
Some American swords were modelled from captured Light Cavalry Sabres during the American Revolution.
If it helps here are the details for my John Gill 1796.

Weight, sword: 2lb 1oz (0.93kg), with scabbard 4lb 1oz (1.83 kg)
Length overall: 37.5'' (95cm) Blade only: 32.5'' (82.5cm)
POB:7'' (18cm)
Profile taper: 1.36'' (34.7mm) at ricasso, 0.15'' (3.8mm) at mid blade, 1.48'' (37.6mm) 2 inches from tip.
Distal taper : 0.33'' (8.5mm) at ricasso, 0.14'' (3.6mm) at mid blade, 0.07'' (1.9mm) 2 inches from tip.

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