Types of Edges on different Albion's.
Hello forum,

I wanted some information concerning what edge some different Albion swords had, as in if they are convex(also known as "appleseed") or flatground (V shaped).
This is of course to know how the sword comes originally from Albion.

The models i'm interested are(if you have another model and would like to share with us the edge feel free):


I get the personnel impression from observing the edges that they are all convex but i am not sure as i am not used to observing these things. I also read somewhere that the Brescia comes with a V shaped edge, as that is the one found on the original.
I also get the strong impression the Alexandria is a V, it is much different from the other models in appearance and performance.

Last but not least, what are your opinions on convex vs flat? Convex is better for chopping motions and more resistant from what i understand, but the flat grind with same angle and degree of sharpness cuts better, just a little less resistant, but wouldn't 40 degree be plenty to keep it up?

I personally would like these information's to know what sword to sharpen with a leather strop ( for convex ones ) and which ones i can use the spiderco sharpmaker ( for flat grinds ), or if i can actually just convert all of them to a flat grind? Given the rather clean edge the spiderco provides and especially the ease of use.

Give your opinions don't be shy, and lets populate this thread that could be mighty useful to more then one i am sure.

Have a good day.
Nobody has any information about this?
I would humbly suggest to be patient . I know the internet is largely instant gratification, but sometimes it takes a day or two for the right people to read the post and reply.

I am sure there are indeed people that have information on your question, Albion swords are a huge topic here. Hang tight. And I have yet to own an Albion ,but from what I have read , they are normally a convex grind.

The question of flat vs convex grind has been asked many times, and most will consider it a personal preference, as both are very effective. It all comes down to geometry.Convex may technically be ideal, because of it's "appleseed" shape is less resistant , but a V edge is thought to be able to be made sharper. If you ignore the immature banter, there is some great discussion on that topic here : http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread....-edge-vs-V
The 2 Brescia spadona I've handled had a very slight convex edge. Hope this helps.
All Albion sword have a slight convex edge.

The exact nature of the sharpening depends on type of blade.

Narrow and thick diamond shaped blades have almost flat bevels. The sharpening is a tiny amount of apple seed shape. Depending on your basis of reference, this can be described as a pure V shaped edge or an apple seed edge. On casual inspection it looks like a V shaped edge.

Blades with lenticular cross section have an edge that is a natural continuation of the curve of the main cross section.

Very wide and thin blades may have an edge that seems more abrupt: it is a narrow apple seed edge that is shaped on to the main body of the blade, but because of the nature and thinness of the body seems more marked.

In all cases the edge can be described as rolled or apple seed shaped. It is an edge that is shaped so that it it forms an integral part of the main cross section.

Some lighter blades have a more narrow or acute final edge angle. Some of the more heavy or thrust oriented blades have a more obtuse final edge angle.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I see I miss the core of your question!
I would advice against using a modern sharpening fixture for sharpening swords.
You would then introduce a marked secondary bevel that is ugly and out of character.
Learn to use a stone freehand and work the edge to sharpness while blending it into the main cross section. You can use emery paper and/or scotch-brite pads to remove scratches.
Use a leather strop to touch up the edge after use and to refine the sharpness after honing.

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