A Tolkien`s Elvin translation question
To any and all Tolkien language buffs:-) . How would you say, " Little stars", in Sindarin ,or what ever dialect spoken in Gondolin ?

Thanks in advance

Yes...I do know that Gondolin wasnt a real place :-)
To be more authentic, I would suggest using Old Norse Runes. I have the whole alphabet before me, just too lazy to type it out ...............mcm
"little/small": pn, mw, niben
"star": l, elin, geil (pl. gl)
Hiswelk's Sindarin dictionary and Ambar Eldaron.... and focusing on the fact you said little STARS (plural)...

pigen N. [pˈigɛn] pl pigin adj. tiny ◇ Ety/382
pn S. [pˈiːn] adj. little ← Cl Bn RC/536
tithen N. [tˈiθɛn] pl. tithin N. [tˈiθin] adj. little, tiny ◇ Ety/394

l S. [ˈɛːl] pl. elin S. [ˈɛlin] n. Arch., Poet. Astron. star (little used except in verses) ◇ WJ/363, MR/373, RGEO/73, Letters/281
geil N. [gˈɛjl] pl. gl N. n. Astron. star, bright spark ◇ Ety/358, VT/45:15 ⇒ Cf. gil ◈ giliath S., N. n. coll.

General order for a compound word would be "stars little", using the PLURAL form of the adjective. If you are forming a compound word (say, in the name of a sword) - consider lenition

gl tithin
gl pigin
gl pn

... in Sindarin, would probably be your best choices for Gondolin (only the kings house spoke Quenya in everday conversation)
Thanks guys for the input. Gil Tithin or In Edain, sounds rather cool. I have two star rubies (lab made) I`am wanting to mount in the pommel of a, Orcrist type , falchion, hence "Little Stars"

Thanks again

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Hi Karl,

"In edhel, hai edhel. In edain, hai edain" is Dean's signature, not a translation of "Little Stars;" so you don't want to use "In edain."
David McElrea wrote:
Hi Karl,

"In edhel, hai edhel. In edain, hai edain" is Dean's signature, not a translation of "Little Stars;" so you don't want to use "In edain."

ABSOULTELY true :)! Now, let's talk about one slight mod...

If you are going to create a compound word, as you might for the name of a sword, you MAY want to consider "soft mutation" (lenition). See "Pedin Edhellen" (Renk). You have an adjective trailing a noun - a situation in which lenition often happens (it does not HAVE to, though)...

So - you may also want ...

gl dithin (lenition moves "t" to "d")

Say both fast... notice how you will have a natural tendency to sort of "slur" the hard "t" into a d?

Should you decide to engrave your sword - PM me. I'll give you the proper Tengwar, in the mode of Belariand.
I guess i dont want to name my sword after you, Dean:-) Gil dithin sounds good. nameing my sword the wrong thing , would be like getting asian letters tattooed on saying "Kick me" :-)


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