Inquiry into Records of the Medieval Sword XIIIa. 11

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I really, really like this sword. I understand A&A makes an offering and calls it their 12th century sword. I have 'Records of the Medieval Sword' and have the picture and information presented there within for this sword. (It is XIIIa. 11 for reference). I'm just wondering if someone, somewhere has better pictures of the original sword, or more detailed statistics, such as weight, point of balance etc.

I appreciate any help given. Thank you.

Inquiry into Records of the Medieval Sword XIIIa. 11
So Barrett, you want better pictures of that sword? Look below:
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Some confusion here: the sword Barrett is interested in is in Glasgow Museums, acc. no. 1939-65-hh, whereas the sword that Shahril has posted is in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Barrett, try contacting Glasgow museums direct, the curator of Arms & Armour is Dr Ralph Moffat. I'll try to dig out his museum email address.
His work email which should reach him: [Edited out by moderator to keep this info private and out of the spam-bots' reach]
Good luck.
Here are some pics from Kelvingrove:

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Shahril Dzulkifli,

Thank you though but Neil Melville is right. That is a totally different sword.

Neil Melville. Thank you for the contact information. I shall get to him right away! I did contact the oakeshott institute to try and get more accurate information of this sword, since I remember reading on the forums, it had been documented by the institute but no reply as of yet. Thank you again.

Barrett Hiebert
Ryan Renfro,

Thank you so much for those pictures! Awesome!

Here's a pic of the sword from "The Real Fighting Stuff Arms and Armour at Glasgow Museums" book by Tobias Capwell.


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Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thanks for bringing the "The Real Fighting Stuff..." book to my attention. I had overlooked it until now, but managed to find a copy for around 50 dollars and can't wait to see what's in it.

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