12th century maille pattern

having read the thread about more or less accurate chainmail and with the project of tailoring a mail tippet/ventail for my mask helmet (I know that might be quite inaccurate for 12th century) getting startet, I wondered what patterns and what kind of rings were used inthe 12th century in the region of middle europe/germany. It will be for a hospitaller kit and although the helmet doesnt fit in that time, it will give me the needed security in full-contact-battle.

For reasons of money and time (less of the first, more of the last, but still not enough to make everything myself) I have decided to get the rings and tongs premade and then tailor it myself, it giving me the opportunity to keep control at least over the quality of the links if not the quality of the material.

After reading about wedge riveted mail, it being just introduced in mid 13th century, I have come to the conclusion to use round-riveted rings, alternating with punched rings. But I am not sure wether to use round or flat rings for the riveted. For now i want to use a 6 in 1 pattern for the neck and side region, going to a 4 in 1 when it comes down to the shoulder.

I would be very pleased about any tips or suggestions!

Best greetings,
The evidence for 6:1 mail is there but rare, and we're uncertain how commonly it was used. The likelihood is that it wasn't often, so you're better off sticking to 4:1 throughout.

I don't even know if there is any extant mail from the 12th century for comparison outside the St. Wenceslaus (Vaclav) shirt. The St. Wenceslaus hauberk is demi-riveted, with half riveted and half solid (punched) rings. Erik Schmid had reported the wire as being 0.75 mm in diameter, with rings having an inner diameter of 5-6 mm (so external diameter of 6.5-7.5 mm). The rings are worn, with numerous repairs, and he suggested the wire might have originally been about 1mm in diameter.
Thanks for you answer, Mark!

I actually got the idea to change the pattern from this picture in the feature "Mail: Unchained":

[ Linked Image ]

You can clearly see, that the parts guarding the face are denser than the part that rests on the shoulder. But after looking at it a second time, I can see its a 4 in 1 in the upper part but not exactly why it changes looks in the lower part. I will start with the 4 in 1 and then decide what to do in the making process. I guess i would have difficulties to make a 6 in 1 with an ID of 6mm anyways...

I'll make an update on the progress for everyone who's interested.


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