For Sale: A&A Henry V + (sort of) matching dagger
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Hi All,

I’m putting this hollow-ground Henry V sword up for sale. I did originally sell it a while ago, but the original buyer returned it (more about that below). I have since re-polished the blade, re-wrapped and dyed the grip, and blued the furniture (and lowered the price!).

I’m also including an A&A dagger which I now think is out of production. It kind of matches the sword, in that it has a wheel pommel and downward-curving quillons. I also blued the furniture, and re-wrapped the grip in an attempt to match the sword, but it wasn’t a precise match.

Sword Stats:

Overall length: 33 ½”
Blade length: 27 ¼”
Grip length: 3 ½”
Weight: 1.15kg (sorry –scales are in metric)

As has been stated in other reviews I’ve read about it, this is a lovely-handling sword. It’s a little beast: light and quick, but with enough blade mass to do some serious damage. This is the hollow-ground version, and as I understand from the previous owner, was A&A’s first attempt at hollow-grinding this particular sword. When I received it, the polish showed numerous waves and unevenness from the grind, which I have pretty much polished out, leaving a more satin finish. I have blued the cross and pommel, although some of it is wearing off a little. I also wrapped and dyed the grip. I purposefully left the dye patchy, in an effort to give it a more used look… you either like it or you don’t!

In the interests of full disclosure, the original buyer of this sword sent it back to me due to issues with the blade: although I had never noticed it, there is a very slight set to it, from the cross on up, which the buyer noticed and didn’t like (can’t really blame him!). The set is very slight – maybe 2mm from true – but it is noticeable, and I wouldn’t want anyone to be surprised by it. I have since read reviews of other A&A swords also coming with slight sets from heat-treat… maybe this is the case with this one? I personally don’t mind it as I think it’s within historical parameters, and it is only very slight.

Dagger stats:

Overall length: 13 ½”
Blade length: 8 7/8”
Grip: 3 ¼”
Weight: 216g (metric again!)

I think this dagger is pretty much the same as most of A&A’s other daggers. The blade has a secondary bevel which I haven’t polished out. There is a little scuffing and mottling to the blade, but the finish is pretty much satin. I blued the furniture, and re-wrapped the hilt as the original leather was coming off. Also comes with a thick leather scabbard which I forgot to photograph.

Asking £300 for the pair, including P&P in the UK. Postage elsewhere can be split, but I’d need your postal address to calculate shipping.

Paypal accepted, if buyer is willing to pay the fees. Or I’ll take cheque/ cash or bank transfer. Pm or e-mail me if you’re interested:

This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Dear All,

These have now been sold. Many thanks for all your interest.


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