British Pattern 1788 Dragoon Sword
Does anyone make a production version of this sword type? I believe ElJay Erickson made a custom version for Chris Goerner, and there may be a couple of other custom 1788's in existence. Except for the pommel, I think it's a very attractive design.

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An original owned by forumite, Thom R.
I don't recall anyone tackling these on a production basis.

Jonathan Hopkins can probably speak to them as a specific pattern but I have been more familiar with the infantry spadroons and infantry/cavalry sabres of the 1788 patterns. There may be some loss in translation as well, as some hussar type hilts are more or less blanketed with the term 1788 pattern.

Here is one as you have pictured but not a repro at all but also not a full basket (ala mort) or slotted. GGGodwin used to, or still sells a slotted hilt sword. My slotted spadroon shown also for comparison. I have seen some really cheesy slotted spadroons out there. I also have some random files of spadroon bladed half hilts but not a lot of full baskets.



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Here is the Loyalist Arms slotted hilt spadroon

Ya, the Godwin slots are and earlier sabre pattern.



OK you are looking for the 1788 heavy pattern vs the curved hussar hilt 1788s (I'll learn these things some day)
Loyalist Arms has Calvary sabres? Somebody should give them a call.

Old Dominion Forge would be a candidate for one of these models, but I don't think they make one.

It might be interesting to see what Arms and Armor could do on a custom basis.

There are a lot of reproduction sabres on the market, but they are almost all notoriously ill made - bad balance and too heavy. I never could figure out why. Maybe because many 19th century originals are relatively inexpensive, so it isn't smart to waste money making a good sabre repro that would cost more than an antique.
I would think A&A would be a lot more approachable for custom work than Old Dominion.

I am sure you are probably familiar with the differences between the non-linear distal taper that makes for a nice sabre or straight sword. Even amongst a double handful of both period sabres and spadroons here, some really are clunkers, even though possibly/subjectively more attractive.

There do seem to be some exceptions in reproductions and certainly customs where some attention was alloted to mass distribution. Too many of both (imo) are the age old compromises in labor costs and abilities. It is truly in the 19th century when cost savings in production are starting to appear. I have my own mental list of both good and poor properties that can be generalized a bit. The same basic "feel" for almost any single hand sword (that appeals to me) ranges from modern reproductions done right to a plethora of 18th and 19th century swords I spend a good bit of time with.

Mostly though, the big production outfits either simply have not bothered (possibly for the reason you mention) but also too few have examples enough to quantify and then qualify the pearls amongst the pebbles.


If you are interested in further reading on the P1788 Heavy Cavalry Sword I have a few articles you may enjoy. Send me a PM if you are interested.


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