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Blade length 29
Blade width at cross 2 1/8
Overall length -37
Weight 2lb 5oz

I received this sword back when ebay was still selling swords. It arrive with a bare grip and a little rusty. Ive added some risers and re-wrapped the blade with thin leather; blued the furniture, and polished the rust off the blade. There are still some slight blemishes/ mottling in places on the blade which would polish out using quite a course grit. Like all ATrims, its all held together by a hex nut, so you can re-do anything you dont like quite easily.

The sword is a fantastic cutter, with the weight of the cut being focused on the belly of the blade. And although its got a slightly spatulate tip, it is very sharp, with a shallow diamond cross section making it stiff enough to thrust well.

Im asking 250 for this, including postage in the UK. For European deliveries, I will split postage.

I accept payment by paypal (please add 3%), bank transfer, cash, or cheque. Please pm or e-mail me on if youre interested.

Sorry for the bad pics: it was nighttime and I couldn't get my camera to focus better! :(