gantlet pattern
its been a while since i got into my little metal shop, it takes some time to get inspired enough to attempt a new project, but I'm finally inspired enough to attempt something out of the norm for me.

I've made a few knives, but this time i want to try armor. something that's challenging to kind of push some skills and learn something new. so I've gotten inspired enough that i would like to attempt to make a set of gantlets.

I already have an idea of the design i would like to emulate based off of a set from Best Armour that doesn't have a lot of ridges like more popular Gothic styles. With the photo i seem to be able to reverse engineer their construction a little, but having a pattern to follow would be helpful in understanding how the articulation would work and how things should fit together.

I'm not looking to perfectly duplicate anything, i always want to give my work a personal twist or interpretation but if anyone could help by guiding me to any kind of patterns or blue prints I'd be appreciative. I'm looking to start this project this weekend - and in the months to follow, just like other projects I've had I'd like to share the progress with everyone here. the end product i hope would like like something out of the early 1500's.

might be what you're looking for
Try these. Scott on the AA made them and they are a great pair of gaunts!

thanks guys, yep I'm just looking for info on how to get me started.

actually yesterday i began to make the paper model to base things on yesterday. didn't come out perfect, but that why to use paper first.
Brian Price's Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction might be a good thing to get a hold of. Its got the steps for replicating the 14th century hourglass gauntlets in particular, but the techniques the book covers should be useful for any armour reproduction.
looks very well put together Ben. probably in the near future I'll go after it - especially if i continue to go down this path.

this will be the first time i shape/ mold sheet metal. so I know it's going to be a challenge. most of the shaping work i hope to do will only be angled - I'm already dreading the shaping of the knuckles. i watched a video on you tube of a guy making a gauntlet - if he can do it with a few simple tools so can I, but i want it to look more historically accurate.

browsing the net i found a set that doesn't look to difficult to replicate (pictured below) due to their simple construction over the knuckles. so as i jump into the shop tonight, maybe I'll be able to get the paper cut out to look something like this, without it being exact. or if there are any period examples out there that look like this (I'm thinking of fingered without an overly extensively shaped knuckle section) I'll combine designs to come up with something unique.

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by Best
yesterday i got some ideas flowing, and come up with a little configuration i was happy with.

i used heavy card stock paper, and have to say the real challenge is what rivets should be left loose to slide in places, and over articulation.

even though it is not predominant in this paper make up, the knuckle plate has a good sitting on top of the hand, but the piece just behind the hand seems like it wants to slip out of place and over extend.

compression wise, it works rather well, but only in steel will i be able to tell as paper has a little bit of give in it.

as it builds up, the cuff was a little difficult to manipulate into shape so this is not the final shape. i may build it in two pieces hinged and buckled around the arm.

I've got some time off of work, so i have hopes to have the sheet metal cut out by this weekend.

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articulation at knuckles

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compression at wrist

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