For Sale: Jeff Helmes Migration sword and shield
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available


Wrote a big long blurb. Accidentally deleted it. I am wanting to see if there is any interest for:

Custom Migration era behmer type 6 sword with scabbard and shield done by Jeff Helmes and wife together or separate. Picture included of myself holding the items. Jeff made the sword and shield. His wife painted the shield.

Training sword has seen moderate use this last year. Still in excellent condition. Has blade use as befits a training sword. Never used for sparring, only for drills. Would be shined up prior to shipping. Comes with scabbard. Currently working in the states tell the end of this week. Would be able to get better pictures and statistics of item's once arrived home in Canada. Shield is as new, plywood construction for sparring. It has sat on my wall all year. Would like to sell these as a package or can sell separate.

Reason for selling: In my journey to find what I like and dislike to wield I've decided I want to focus on epee de guerre's and heater shield's, if at all possible to wield both simultaneously. It will be a learning curve to see if it can even be done. :p

As for Jeff's work and his wife they have faired me excellently and it is with sadness that I see them go but I find them best to be put to work as the weapons they were designed to be used rather then sit at home in my room. I am a very practical man.

I am looking to get 500 dollars for the practice sword with scabbard and 300 dollars for the shield. I paid triple the asking price for the sword with scabbard if I remember correctly and I am selling the shield which has barely been used at half price of what I bought. I don't wish to go any lower as I think anyone is getting an excellent deal even when the sword has seen moderate use in a year. I would like the buyer to pay shipping respectively.

Best regards,

Barrett Hiebert
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available


To all who are interested in my items I just wanted to post a message that I am still working in the states. I don't know exactly when I'll be home but I expect this Wednesday at the latest. I will be sure to get back to you all of my decision when I'm back home.

Best regards,

Barrett Hiebert
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Hello everyone,

Alright so after getting back early last Friday then working my other job then continuing to 'let loose' after 24 days straight of working and only now just finally done 'resting up' and having gone back to work I now have the stats you all need. I've replied to all of you in private who have contacted me but I'll put the stats of the two items here for everyone to see.


Shield is just shy of 32 and a half inches, 6 pounds.


Overall length is a a few mm's over 34 and a half inches.
Blade length is 29 inches.
Grip length is 3 inches and 3/4.
Point of balance is just shy of 8 inches.
Point of percussion is 21 and a half inches out from crossguard.
Blade width at guard is 2 and 1/16 inches.

I don't have the most accurate scale or the most refined way of measuring the sword weight. I measure on my scale by resting the sword by it's POB. I have gotten 2 lbs. and 5.50 ounces. I think the actual weight is 2 lbs and 6 ounces when I received it but I can't remember.

So there you have it.

Best regards.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available


I'd like to thank all those who were interested but I sold the two items together as was preferred. Thank you to all who were interested again.

Best regards,

Barrett Hiebert

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