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Hello all!

I'm new here and to renaissance festivals in general, but I've always loved medieval arms and armor. So this year, I've decided to go to the nearby faire and dress up. The website I've been using to look for outfits and such is I saw they had a nice-looking tunic and overcoat combo that I was interested in. I also had the thought of adding arm and leg armor to it for a bit of flavor along with possibly a cloak of some kind. Really I want to see what anyone thinks of the idea to see if its completely bad or not and to get some feedback. I've always wanted to dress as some sort of knight so I figured might as well try it a bit now. Any opinions?

Once I get off work I can post links of the pictures of armor and clothing I've mentioned. But I'd like to get just a general opinion of the current idea as it is.

Thanks for reading!
Hi, Matthew.....I'm a 'Rennie" myself, and I think it sounds like a good start. A simple tunic, period pants, and footwear are the best way to start, I think. A little arm and leg armour peeking out from under a cloak would look....mysterious....and cool. The great thing about Ren Fests is that nobody is going to be chasing you around pointing out 'non-historic' flaws in your gear. (At least they don't do that here in Texas---It would invite trouble!) The point is to have FUN. A word of warning though----Check the weather! You don't go to fest in full plate armour when it's 80-90 degrees outside (walking oven) and rain can ruin a great costume quick. Have a go at it---and have a BLAST!.......MCM
Well I'm glad someone thinks its a cool idea haha. It'll be in October or November so the heat shouldn't be too much of a problem but I'll still keep an eye out for rain and the like. I'm going to try and post what I can here to show the pieces I was looking at to give you an idea of what I was thinking.

The above is the tunic and overcoat I was looking at. Maybe a blue and black color scheme.

And this is the armor I was looking at. Maybe not specifically that one but what it covers. Any suggestions for cool factor and such?
Well I can't help you much on your idea - seems our taste differs there a bit, but that's what tastes are there for ;) - but I really like that shop. Thanks for pointing that out.
Wasn't aware of them so far but they also have a nice - and very well translated - site in German and some really, really nice stuff.

I think I found a replacement for my gambeson for HEMA practice there, the old one is getting a bit tattered now all I need to do is convince myself that I want to spend 200 on that.. shouldn't be a problem.
I've looked over the Armstreet site before, and they really do have some classy looking gear. It is a bit pricey though, in my opinion. Continue doing your research. I think you might find a better deal. By that, I mean not only money-wise, but practicality-wise. If you plan on just wearing it as costume armour, I see no sense in buying high dollar SCA fighting armour when there is much cheaper available. BUT---You get what you pay for. It all boils down to what you have your heart set on and how deep your pockets are. I do like the tunic and overcoat though! Has a bit of 'noble warrior prince' appeal to it. :D ...........McM
Thanks for the input everyone! I deeply appreciate the feedback.

The overcoat and tunic I do believe I'll be getting as its snazzy-looking. The armor from there is definitely debatable though. I basically just need arm and leg armor that looks good and moves well. It doesn't need to be sturdy since I don't intend on fighting. I'm alright with a sword but I don't think I'd be in a re-enactment fight anytime soon. :-P However, if someone has ideas for the arm/leg armor to go with the tunic and coat, I'd certainly be willing to hear them!

Also, another question. If I do get arm and leg armor to go along with it, would I need any kind of padding with that? This is my first time purchasing something like this so I have no idea what I actually need to be comfortable and look decent.
Hey, Matthew....If I were you, whom I am not, I would look at Get Dressed for Battle armour for arms and legs. They have nice looking Milanese upper legs and lower greaves that match, and would look way cool with a pair of sabatons. They also make Milanese point-tied arm armour, and also some pretty nice looking gauntlets if you're interested. I mention GDFB simply because their armour is generally tough as nails, looks decent, and won't leave you needing a second mortgage on your house. Mind you,though, the point-tied armour is generally worn over an arming jacket with places supplied to attach it to. The legs would need some form of suspension from the waist also. For strictly 'faire-wear' , I'd be inclined to wear as little underneath the armor as possible, but thick enough to keep it from pinching. As I said earlier, no one is going to be nit-picking your garb...........You should see some of the get-ups I've seen. If it looks good to you, and is 'semi' historical, and most importantly----comfortable----then do it to it, brother. I'm a Ren-head who knows. Cheers!.....McM
I'll have to check them out then, thanks! I may have to see if they have anything with just straps or something though, as I'm trying not to have to wear a gambeson. I'll probably have enough on with that tunic and overcoat hah. Armstreet I know has a set of arm/leg/gorget armor but of course it's a bit pricey. I just need to make sure going without a breastplate or something won't make me look dinky. :-P
Look at the armour on Kult of Athena. They have full suits, as well as pieces that could possibly be mix/matched to your likes. Their prices are about the best on the net. Plus, they just got in some nice looking maille---if you had any thoughts on that. Good luck on your kit, and post a pic when you get it all together ! :) ........McM
Ooh I'm glad you showed me that site. I think the King's pauldrons/gorget/tassets looks pretty awesome actually. Not sure if the tassets would fit without the breastplate but definitely liking those pauldrons/gorget pieces. Now to find somewhat matching armor for the rest of the arms and legs. I appreciate the help!
Almost forgot.....KOA has some arm armour that, I believe, straps to a gorget. This would eliminate the need for a breast/back plate. The quality of this particular armor is....questionable....but it LOOKS okay for Renwear. This is the 'Dark Drake'/ 'Dark Warrior'/'Warrior'/ 'King' armour that they sell as suits or individual pieces. I once asked if anyone owned any of it, on another site, and got very little info. It was said to be made overseas, but no one seems to know where or by what company. The separate tasset-belt they sell for this stuff looks pretty versatile, though. One of the full suits could be worn a few different ways for different looks. BUT....You do get what you pay for. I would say , however, that if you buy from KOA, you should have no problem returning it if it sucks. :lol: .....Good luck!.......McM
Wow...You websearch faster than I can type, Matthew! :lol: ....Hope I helped you! :lol: ....McM
Haha I suppose it's the benefit of being on my phone right now. But I'll see about the KoA armor if it looks any good. Though I'm perfectly willing to pay a bit extra for good quality armor. I'd go for completely custom armor but I have no idea of the price range that would cost me. Nor can I design armor that well in my head. :-P Although now that I think about it, a rose theme would be pretty interesting...hah. But you did indeed help with some ideas!
You can check them all out here.Some interesting pieces...
Glad we could help, Matthew........even if only a little bit. Don't you forget now.....We need some pics of really cool outfits! It just pee's me off that I'm only 5'-6" and most 'off the shelf ' armour tends to swallow me whole. :mad: ...But, then again, Picts only wore a small amount of lamellar or maille.....if anything at all. :wtf: Once again, good luck with your kit ! It sounds like it's off to a good start !.................McM
What year is your Renaissance faire portraying? Most are representing 16th century Elizabethan times. If that's the case, you might want to place yourself squarely into that era with clothes and accouterments that are appropriate for that period. It always seems strange to me to see photos of such events with people dressed 100s of years out of period.
I'm glad that you're not trying to take it too seriously from a historical standpoint, yet still have something that looks cool. For living history type events, I think that obviously the more realistic the better, but for Ren Faires, I think it's more about having fun than anything else.

Mark, I got a chuckle at your comment about finding outfits for a person you height. As I get older and my waistline grows, at least I guess I'm taking on more and more of a "nobleman" look. :lol:
Well, D.S .......I'm a bit more 'nobleman' myself than I was 20 years ago! :lol: Aw, hell.....I'm just short n fat! :lol: :lol: Lucky for me that my kilts CAN be taken up in the hem and let out in the waist a bit! :D But...In my own defense...I can still turn the eyes of the ladyes fayre...sometimes much to the disgruntlement of my wife! :lol: :lol: .........McM

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