Photos of 14th c style scabbard for my Albion Squire
I have up-loaded an album complete with comments on sources and construction of the scabbard and crossguard chape here. Hope you like it.

All the best,

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Wonderful!!! I don't really like the squire too much as its just so very boring, however this looks great! It is quite amazing how a little bit of leather can really transform a piece.
I am now rethinking my view on these fairly bland swords with the prospect of doing some leatherwork myself to transform them.

Once again, well done!
Really nice work all around. The Squire is one of the few Albions left on my list to purchase.
In hand, the Squire is not at all boring. It's one of Albion's more attractive swords. The grip treatment and shaping of the hilt parts really is quite beautiful. All dressed up in that scabbard makes it look that much more attractive. Well done!
This is a really nice Scabbard. Hope you will bring both.

The plain appearance of Albions swords is one of their features I like very much. Roland does give his swords a very shiny polish, this does the "plain" look really good. And it is everything, but not boring at all.
Wonderful scabbard work! The rain guard is what really caught my eye, though. Very nicely done, I'm not usually envious of leatherwork but I am right now.

Years ago, I would have agreed that the Squire was a bit boring and generic looking. It's proportions are so fine and subtle that they are easy to overlook, and would be visually diminished if it were any more ornate or complex. There is nothing to add, and nothing to take away, that could make it any more beautiful IMO. It is a fine example of understated elegance and perfectly balanced proportions.
Thanks for the compliments on my work, much appreciated.

Regarding the Albion Squire:
I have mainly seen it from a practitioner's point of view who is practicing 14th century swordsmanship and also occassionally engages in re-enacting this period. I have tried out some examples of this model at Albion stalls and was fairly disappointed by the handling qualities, until I picked up an Albion Squire that was agile and responsive and felt very alive in my hand. Apparently, not all examples of a particular Albion model are the same.

I think it is an elegant sword with graceful proportions and at least the one that I have has all the handling qualities I was looking for. I like that it still sports a fuller and the accute point I find very appealing because it lends the sword an air of discreet beastliness. The wheel pommel is an ideal extension of the grip and the design makes a lot of sense when it moulds into the ball of a swordsman's hand as he shifts from one hand position to another in fencing. This is a great weapon for sophisticated late medieval swordsmanship.

All the best,
ROland my friend,

Sigh...must you *always* make me feel like a homo erectus fumbling to learn to use fire?

Beautiful work, as always.

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