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Greetings! Selling an AT-1520 Type XVIIIa longsword wrapped and sheathed in Oxblood. The review for this sword on this site conviced me so I had it built to the same specifications. The blade and tang are in great shape per Atrim's standards (no fancy polishing and a few scratches) and sharp. The darkening on the pommel held up great but the finish on the hilt and chape wore quickly doing light solo fechtschule movements. It took so long to get it that I feared ever sending it back to Christian to redarken the hilt and chape. Was going to do it myself but never got around to it. Cut a few pool noodles and thrust once into a thin cardboard box but sword was not abused in anyway. Lower 48 US customers only, asking 750.00 USD, shipping included. Prefer paypal. Thanks.

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